Title ID 1626Collection ID499
TitleOpening of the new hostel of the Wimbledon Young Men’s Christian Association
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsBuildings Ceremonies Royalty
RegionalGreater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration2min. 53sec.
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This short amateur film shows the opening of the new YMCA hostel at Wimbledon.HRH Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother attends the opening ceremony and is seen being greeted by the mayoress; a large crowd gathers on the pavement outside to witness the event.


The film opens with shots of the hostel from the opposite side of the road; a red carpet has been laid out across the pavement leading to the front door. A crowd is gathered on the pavement as invited guests arrive in cars. The Mayoress arrives and greets the Queen Mother; she waves towards the assembled crowd. Shot of the Royal Standard flying from a flag pole; shot of sign: "YMCA". The Queen Mother leaves the building, again waving to the crowd. She gets into the waiting car and is driven off. A photographer takes a photo of the Mayoress, who stands talking to men in suits


A Still from 'Opening of the new hostel of the Wimbledon Young Men's Christian Association' (1974)