Title ID 1595Collection ID497
TitleSurrey Pentacross, 1966
CollectionMerton & Morden Youth Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsBicycles Boats Camping Cars Motor Vehicles Racing Rivers Sport Youth Youth Organizations
LocalKingston-upon-Thames Ham Richmond Park
RegionalSurrey Greater London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMerton Youth Cine Club
Commissioning bodySurrey Youth Service
Format16mm Colour Sound
Duration17min. 27sec.
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The Merton & Morden Youth Cine Club record teenage boys and girls competing in a range of sporting activities during the 1966 Surrey County Youth Pentacross. The Pentacross was designed to test skills, knowledge and endurance in the fields of car driving, motorcycling, orienteering, camping, country running, road-walking, sailing and canoeing.


The film opens with shots of young people being tested according to their driving and cycling ability. Title: "Surrey Pentacross 1966"; the narrator explains the purpose of the Pentacross and how it is organised. Shots of other activities associated with the Pentacross, such as running and sailing; shots of boys in a sailing boat. Title: "Cycling"; cyclists assemble at the Cattle Market in Kingston-upon-Thames before tackling an obstacle course. The narrator explains the involvement of other organisations in assisting with the event. Shots of the County Council's boating base at Ham to where the cyclists' are seen riding whilst being observed. Title: "Cars"; drivers and riders'- documentation are inspected before completing various maneuvers. Title: "Motorcycles And Scooters"; riders are seen completing maneuvers, such as a slow riding test. Shot of a tent in a field; boys secure guy ropes. Title: "Orienteering"; shot of boys reading a map in Richmond Park; they run off down a road. Shots of boys road-walking. Title: "Cross Country"; boys and girls set off from the starting line in Richmond Park and complete the run at Ham; a boy falls to the ground exhausted. Shot of the camera team recording the event on a film camera; results are updated in an office. Title: "Canoeing", shots of canoeists completing a slalom course on the water. Shot of a canteen - 'The Ship's Galley". Title: "Sailing"; shots of sailors on the river negotiating buoys. Shot of Pentacross pennants; the narrator describes how they are awarded. Shots of the award ceremony being conducted by Captain Alan, Chairman of the Further Education Committee. The narrator lists all of the organisations who have been involved, including the Boys Brigade and The Scouts. Shots of the 3rd Banstead Scouts - winners of the 1966 Pentacross. The film ends with a boy waving from an open window. Closing title: "produced for Surrey Youth Service by Merton Youth Cine Club.


A still from Surrey Pentacross, 1966