Title ID 1569Collection ID254
Title[Knaphill Primary School, 1962 - 1968]
Date1962 - 1968
CollectionAlan Wardle
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionCommunity
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsChildren Education Schools Sport
LocalKnaphill Egham Hythe Woking
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlan Wardle
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration21min. 34sec.
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The pupils of Knaphill Primary School are recorded taking part in school activities in this amateur film. The compilation covers a number of years and features children in the classroom, taking part in sports and completing the cycling proficiency course. The film also includes a number of school fairs, where the children take part in fancy dress competitions.


The film opens with the sound of children singing, accompanied by a piano. Title: "Knaphill Primary School" & "Movie Scrapbook"; shots of the exterior of the school. Shot of Mr Alan Wardle talking talking directly to the camera about his filming at the school where his children attend. Shots of children in the playground and children taking part in a fancy dress competition (1962), followed by the junior sports day (1963). Signs on doors of classrooms reads: "Class 9 Mrs OE Hockley", "Class 12 Mrs J Turner", "Class 5 Mrs Burrows", "Class 11 Mr G Jones", "Class 8 Mrs H John"; shots of children in the classroom taking part in various activities. The titles: "Knaphill Primary School 1966 - 67" and "Autumn Fair 1966" are follwed by shots of the fair, where children are dressed in costumes. With the title: "Swimming Lessons", children are shown swimming in the outdoor pool; a teacher uses a megaphone to communicate with the children. Following the title: "Cycle Proficiency Training"; the children are seen lined up on their bikes and receiving a lesson on road safety. The children are then seen in the playground practising cycling techniques and manoeuvres. A sign states: "Autumn Fair, Saturday 30th September '67 at the School"; followed by shots of the fair, including side stalls and another fancy dress competition. Various signs read: "Surrey County Council, Egham Hythe County Junior School" & "The Winston Churchill County Secondary School"; the film ends with shots of hockey matches (1968). Animated title: "The End".