Title ID 1513Collection ID480
Title[Our First Film]
Date1938 - 1939
CollectionClifford Spain
KeywordsAnimals Cars Domestic Gardens Family Landscape Rural Areas Winter
LocalPetworth Box Hill Oxshot Wisley Horsham [?]
RegionalSurrey West Sussex London
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMrs Wallace Jones
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration10min. 4sec.
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Filmed by the Wallace-Jones family, they are seen with their pet dog in this amateur film. The film includes scenes of the family visiting countryside locations, walking their dog and at home in the garden.


The film opens with scenes of a woman sitting in a park with a large dog; views of the park and scenes of the woman playing with the dog. At home in the garden, the woman attempts to wash the dog - it is reluctant to put its legs in the bucket of water. The dog runs in a field; a train passes in the background. The film cuts to scenes of a parade; men in civilian dress and women in uniform march with a Union Jack flag. The woman and the dog leave a shop; the woman poses next to the car and then with the dog. Wintery scenes follow, a snow covered street and garden are seen. Shot of Esher Filling Station covered in snow and the surrounding area. Shots of the dog running around in the snow and dark shots of children playing on a sledge. A man walks with a dog lead accompanied by a woman; shots of calves on a farm and the woman drying the dog and scenes of the walking in the woods; the dog paddles in a steam. The woman continues to walk in the woods before the film cuts to scenes in a garden where the dog is again present. Elsewhere, a royal car passes a crowd gathered on the side of the road; people wave their hats. The film ends with more scenes of the dog in the garden.