Title ID 15056Collection ID1487
TitleRamsgate 1966
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionLocal Topical
ThemeTransport Working Life
KeywordsCoasters (ships) Docks Harbours Hovercraft Seaside Resorts Water Transport Cars Leisure Time Activities Motor Vehicles Ships Boats
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionGeoff Fuller
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This film shows everyday life in the busy working port and popular seaside resort of Ramsgate.



Views of Ramsgate Harbour, shops and buildings along the seafront. An assortment of boats are seen moored, and moving, within the harbour with a view of the harbour offices in the background. St George's Church stands out on the hill in the background of this landscape view. A couple of fishing boats head out to sea. A family plays noughts and crosses in the sand on the beach.

On the other side of the harbour many families enjoy a sunny, warm day at the seaside. A helter-skelter can be seen on the promenade. Two children enjoy a donkey ride on the beach. Children run down to the sea where many more play and swim. A game of ball is played and more people arrive to find a spot on the beach. The donkeys walk past again. People carry refreshments down from the beach cafes.

In the harbour two large cranes (Coles) unload a ship. One unloads pallets from the front hold. The other one unloads new Volkswagen Beetles from the rear hold. The pallets are taken away by a fork lift truck to a storage area. The VW Beetles are either pushed or driven to a compound. On the quayside we see new Ford Transits parked. While the VW's are still being unloaded, the front hold is being loaded up with tyres. A Hyster fork lift swings around, and on the red Calor gas attached to it are the words 'Watneys Red Barrel'. A couple more Beetles and a VW Van are driven off to the compound. Here we see the many different VW models, including campervans, parked in the compound within the harbour and the rough choppy sea behind them. The tide comes in on an empty beach.

The unloaded ship makes its way out of the inner harbour, through a very narrow entrance to the outer harbour. As it passes through, there are lines of Bedford vehicles parked along the harbour wall. The ship now leaves the outer harbour into the North Sea. A small sailing boat enters the harbour and heads to the Marina. Another ship, the 'Agenor' is unloaded. On the quayside many new vehicles are parked up. These include, Vauxhalls and Ford Tractors. Timber is unloaded off the ship and straight onto waiting lorries. A motor boat is carefully winched into the water by a crane. The harbour wall is full with brand new Ford' Cortina Mk 1's waiting to be exported.

At the Hoverport, the Hoverlloyd SR.N6 Hovercraft prepares to depart. We see several views of the small passenger-only craft, leaving and arriving at the port. The passengers are helped off the front of the craft by the crew.

Back at the ship that has now finished unloading VW's, tyres are loaded up in the front hold. In the rear hold a new Ford Zephyr MK4 is loaded. New Vauxhall HA Viva's are also loaded. Some Bedford lorries are secured on the top of the deck. On the harbour road some vehicle transporters (one is a Foden) are parked up and new Ford Tractors are unloaded onto the quayside. New VW Beetles with trade plates are driven off to the dealers in another compound. The tractors destinations are written on their wheel arches e.g. Ford Vancouver, Ford Switzerland and more. The tractors are loaded onto the 'Aphaia' ship.

The 'Agenor' arrives through the narrow entrance to the inner harbour. It is then unloaded of its cargo of timber and Volkswagen Campervans. In the harbour some powerboats make their way out for a powerboat event. Across the harbour on the entrance road Combine Harvesters and other farm machinery are parked up. Many small pleasure craft manoeuvre in and out of the harbour. Boxes of fruit (peaches/nectarines) are unloaded onto waiting lorries. A ship named 'Irene' is unloaded of its cargo. On the quayside, new Holland Clayson farm vehicles are parked. The ship 'Aphaia' is helped by a tug to manoeuvre out of the harbour. The ship 'Agenor' also leaves the harbour. Closing Title: The End.


A colour still image taken from TID 15056, showing a wide view of a hovercraft on water. Spray is coming off the back of the craft as it moves right in the frame.