Title ID 1502Collection ID429
TitleOatlands Village Centenary, 1862 - 1962
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent Artist/Film-makerNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
KeywordsAutumn Buildings Celebrations Ceremonies Children Commemorative Events Communities Exhibitions Hospitals Local History Memorials Religious Activities Religious Buildings Religious Festivals Villages
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMerlin Productions
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Sound
Duration26min. 41sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This amateur documentary film shows the centenary celebrations organised by St. Mary's Church, during 1962. The film records special church services, highlighting a number of notable people, and includes some general history of places in the parish accompanied by a commentary, soundtrack and intertitles.


Ttle: "Merlin Productions Presents", "Oatlands Centenary 1862 - 1962" "A documentary, made as a permanent record to the parish". [Sound of church bells and organ music accompanies the opening of the film]. The narrator introduces the film accompanied by shots of the exterior of the Parish Church.

"The Torch light Procession"

A torch lit procession between the church hall and the church. A poster outside the church on the notice board advertises the visit of Bishop Clitherow. Dark shots of the procession walking along St. Mary's Road. Sign: "Beechwood Avenue". Scenes of the congregation talking, including the Rev Timothy Hollis (a previous curate); the torches now placed in the ground outside the church continue to burn.

"The Bishop's Visit"

[organ music plays] to scenes of the congregation exiting the church and assembling in the church hall. A poster outside the church advertises the visit of The Bishop of Guildford. Mr John Machlin, a churchwarden raises a toast to The Bishop, George Reindorp. Scenes of an exhibition celebrating the history of Oatlands, paintings and photographs are on display. Dark shots of women preparing tea, followed by more scenes of people looking at the exhibition.

The church notice board advertises a Mothering Sunday service. Scenes of inside the church as people arrive for the service; the vicar talks to members of the congregation as the organ plays. A large decorated cake sits on a table at the front of the church (to mark the 100th anniversary of the church). Scenes of the choir processing into the choir stalls, followed by hymn singing and the singing of 'happy birthday'. Mrs McKitterick cuts the cake; followed by scenes of the Mothering Sunday procession outside the church; children are holding flowers ready to give to their mothers. The vicar is seen in the pulpit giving the address and the collection is taken. Cake is distributed to the congregation after the service. Shots of a baby in a pram.

"The Vicarage Jumble Sale"

Scenes of the outdoor jumble sale, rain is falling and people are wearing hats and coats; plastic sheets cover the items for sale on the tables. [The narration is notably out of sync at this point in the film].

"The Reunion Service"

Scenes of the reunion service procession; [the organ plays]; Cubs and Scouts form part of the procession. Shots of a large table with ladies setting up refreshments. After the service people come and get refreshments and join in with the garden party; people eat, drink and talk to each other. Shots of Mr Welton Hickin (a former church organist). The new churchwarden, Mr John Crickmay presents retiring churchwardens, Mr Victor Evans and Mr John Machin with gifts to mark their retirement. Individual shots of people talking and socialising.

Scenes of the Metropolitan Convalescence Home and former chapel [the narrator talks about its history], the building now being the Ellsmere Hospital. Scenes of the Civic Sunday Parade, including members of the Civil Defense, Girls Naval Training Corps and councilors of Walton and Weybridge Urban District Council.

After a Baptismal thanksgiving service a baby is seen in its mothers arms. The narrator highlights the oldest and youngest person present to have been baptised as an infant at the church. Refreshments are being served outside and the vicar talks to those present.

"The Bell Ringers"

Scenes of inside the church tower, where people are ringing the church bells; various plaques can be seen on the wall.

Sign: "Oatlands Village, Drive Slowly"; scenes of Oatlands village including the main road and shops including: Harold Clarke Ltd, Langham Bakery and the chemist. Close-up shot of the war memorial and St. Mary's Parish room [engraved stone in an outside wall]. Sign: "St. Mary's Road, shots of the church hall and the new school. Shot of the old school, Oatlands Park Hotel and the recreation ground [the narrator talks about the history of the parish]. At Duneevan, an old people's home, a gardener is seen raking up leaves that have fallen on the lawn. Sign: "Oatlands Vicarage"; shot of the vicarage in Beechwood Avenue.

In the closing scenes of the film, lots of cars can be seen parked on a road. [Bridal March music plays]. People stand around outside the church talking following a service for people who were married at the church. The narrator concludes the film by saying how autumn marks the end of a year of celebrations. Title: "The End".