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Title[Visit to Schleswig School for the Deaf]
CollectionBurwood Park School
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurEducationalNon-fictionTravel
ThemePublic Services Travel
KeywordsSchools Travel Children Education Disabled Persons Sport
LocalWalton-on-Thames Schleswig Sonderborg
NationalEngland Germany Denmark United Kingdom Europe
ProductionBurwood Park School
CameraJohn Brownlie
FormatColour Silent
Duration7 min. 35 sec.
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Animated titles and pictures narrate a trip made by Year 2 pupils at Burwood Park School for the Profoundly Deaf to Schleswig School for the Deaf in Germany in 1984.


'The school embarked on a series of hugely successful exchanges with Schleswig School for the Deaf. This was an attempt at giving a picture of the first visit.'

Animated titles read 'Leaving Burwood Park School'. Boys and staff members talk together outside the school building, some using sign language. A short animated sequence follows. A plane takes off at 'Airport Departures' and flies to Germany, as shown on a map of Europe. 'We arrived in Hamburg and caught the train to Schleswig', reads an intertitle. The boys are seen, standing in a group outside a minibus with their luggage. They play a game of football on a clay pitch, wearing green or red kit. Schleswig's modern school buildings are seen in panning footage. An animated intertitle reads 'The Trip to Denmark'. Boys listen to a man, talking and pointing on the deck of a boat. The boys are seen at Dybbol Mill, near Sonderborg, where canons they climb over canons. The boys walk towards the camera as a group, waving and jumping around, grinning as they walk over the border between Denmark and Germany. They catch a train from Schleswig station, where they carry their luggage across the platform. Ariel footage, shot from the plane on the journey home, follows. A closing picture reads 'This film was made by the 2nd Year'. The group are seen, posing in front of the picture, pinned up on the wall.