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Title21 [Headmaster's Departure after 21 Years]
CollectionBurwood Park School
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurEducationalNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsSchools Sport Children Interiors Education Buildings Disabled Persons
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBurwood Park School
ParticipantsRichard Kelly, Geraint Punter, Nigel Clarke [?], Mark Hart, G. Punter, Steven Pickering, Gary Cooper, James Cameron, Malcolm Haywood [?], Graeme Sinclair, John Hayes, Derek Pritchard, John Pearson, Alex Cranwell, Stuart Lee, Patrick Ryan, William Stavert, Nicholas Mears, Philip Turvey (pupils)
FormatColour Silent
Duration5 min. 20 sec.
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A film made by pupils of Burwood Park School for the Deaf on the occasion of its headmaster's retirement in 1976. Mr. Wood had held his position since the school opened in 1955. Footage includes exterior views of the building and grounds, sports matches and school photographs, and interior views of the art rooms, science labs and dorm rooms, where pupils live and work.


A boy opens the cover of a photograph album, which reads '21' on its cover, and contains pictures of the building, which had housed Burwood Park School for the Profoundly Deaf since 1955. Mr. and Mrs. Wood sit on the front steps of the building. Interior scenes of the entrance hall and staircase follow. Pupils are seen at the sinks in the "lav ends" and reading newspapers in bed before lights out in their dorm rooms. Several boys visit Matron with various ailments. Views of the building from the grounds follow. Two boys play tennis on the court. Mr. Wood leads an assembly. Boys recite a speech and discuss a book, while wearing large headphones. Panning footage shows the inside of the woodwork room, science lab and art room, which displays posters reading 'please keep the studio tidy'. Mr. Wood sits at a desk in his office. Rugby, football and cricket team photos are shown, followed by a picture of the 1975 school prefects in their school blazers. Boys play a cricket match on playing fields. Mr. Wood looks up at a board of names, listing the various Head Boys and Team Captains since the school opened in 1955. A watercolour of the school building, built as a manor house, is displayed by a card reading '21' and a bird-shaped paperweight. The photograph book is closed, ending the film.


A colour still image taken from TID 1976, showing a boy reading the Sun newspaper sat in bed in his dorm room. The headline on the front page reads 'Chrissie's the Queen'.A colour still image taken from TID 1976, showing men playing cricket, wearing white Cricket clothing stood on the Cricket Crease.