Title ID 1482Collection ID323
TitleBantams at Burwood
DateMay 1972
CollectionBurwood Park School
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsAnimals Schools Children Education Clubs Labour Disabled Persons
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBurwood Park School
CameraStephen Gibson; Keith Excell
ParticipantsMr. Cox (project leader)
FormatColour Sound
Duration16 min. 39 sec.
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Boys in Form 3 at Burwood Park School for the Deaf design and build a chicken house and run for a school project, filmed by two pupils at the school, Stephen Gibson and Keith Excell, in May 1972. Soundtrack for this film is currently unavailable.


Animated titles read 'Bantams at Burwood: A film produced by Form 3 May 1972'. Several boys are seen, sitting at desks in a classroom. They each wear a pair of headphones. Their teacher, Mr. Cox, speaks to them through a microphone attached to his chest. He holds up two eggs, several jars and books on keeping chickens, while explaining the nature of the 'Bantums Club' project to the boys in front of the blackboard. The camera pans across boys in the drawing room, making plans on graph paper with rulers and pencils, with Mr. Brook supervising and instructing. The boys are seen, emerging from the school building with wood for the chicken house and run. The pieces are measured and assembled together outside. The walls and roof of the chicken house are fitted together, before the run is added, on the grass outside. Two boys lift the lid onto the structure. Their teachers bring two chickens down from the school building. They are seen inside their enclosure and walking around on the grass in the sunshine. The boys are seen rounding up the chickens and lifting the lid of the house to film the eggs inside. One of the chickens is seen with a number of chicks, gathered round it on the grass, which is peppered with daisies. The chicks are seen as they grow, still following the chicken around the grass. Pupils are seen, lifting and moving the house, and adding an extension to the run. Two of the boys sit with Mr. Cox on a bench, while another collects money for subscriptions.


A still from Bantams at Burwood (1972)A colour still image taken from TID 1482, showing two boys carrying a plank of wood up the stairs and through a door.A colour still image taken from TID 1482, showing a Bantam Hen with many new born chicks beside her feeding from a mound of food on the grass.