A trip to Florida takes in the beaches and country clubs of Lake Park, the sights of Palm Beach and the attractions of Winter Haven, Ocala and Orlando, including Cypress Gardens and Silver Springs. The film also passes through Lakeland, Tampa City and Clearwater.


The opening title announces that this film is of a visit to Mr and Mrs Louis Ware in Lake Park, Florida. The film-maker, Voss, worked for the British Phosphate Commission, and Louis Ware was at the time the president of the International Minerals & Chemical corporation, a producer of phosphate rock and fertilizer which owned phosphate mines. The film opens on Ware's house. Mrs Ware and their dog pose for the camera on the lawn which leads down to a stretch of beach. Men take a rowing boat down to the water as more guests come down from the house to join them. Mr and Mrs Ware pose for the camera before the guests on the beach launch the boat and row out to sea. The guests swim and then gather in the shade to eat.

Next, views of Palm Beach take in waterskiing, yachts, gardens and homes. The men are seen on the nearby Breakers golf course. After views of the course, the women are filmed walking along the seafront. The following scenes, a title announces, are of "Easter Sunday at Lake Park Country Club". People are gathered at tables on a verandah, and a woman poses in an Easter bonnet. The grounds of the country club, including its swimming pool and golf course, are filmed, before beach scenes. There then follows footage of "the Bok Singing Tower", a bell tower in Bok Sanctuary gardens.

The next trip is to Ocala and Orlando with George W. Moyers (who features at home in Chicago in another film by Voss - see '[Visit to America] no.1433) and his mother. The Moyers pose for the camera by the car, next to a lake. Water skiers put on a display for an audience at Cypress Gardens, with the World Champion waterskiing barefoot. Shots follow of the gardens and a show staged there. Next, lakeside scenes at Silver Springs, near Ocala, feature underwater footage of fish and turtles. A zookeeper conducts a demonstration with a young alligator and a young boy holds a snake at 'Ross Allen's Reptile Institute'. Shots of flamingoes and alligators, monkeys and baboons follow, before scenes of 'milking' snakes for their venom, to produce anti-snakebite serum.

Orange and grapefruits trees are passed on the road, on the way to Lakeland, "the nearest town to the Florida pebble phosphate field". Voss moves from roadside views of Tampa City to final scenes of Clearwater Beach, visited with "Mr. and Mrs. William Bradley", where the holiday makers try waterskiing.