Title ID 14121Collection ID1838
TitleSurrey - Some of its lovely Villages and Countryside
Date1962 to 1963
KeywordsVillages Landscape Leisure Time Activities Exhibitions Rural Areas
LocalRipley Chobham Shere Abinger Hammer Frensham Guildford.
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Gammon
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
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An affectionate look at various villages and scenery in Surrey featuring Pyrford Church, Ripley, Chobham, Frensham Pond, Shere, Abinger Hammer, Guildford Cathedral with visits to Chobham Air Show and the Guildford Show


Opening title: 'Surrey Some of its lovely villages and countryside'. We begin on the roadside to Pyrford Church and Ripley with views of Ripley village including the Talbot Inn, antique shops and traffic through the village. A red brick house and a roadsign for Chobham Village. Views of Chobham village with pubs, church and the High Street with traffic. A tree lined road with daffodils and the river. A roadsign to various locations around Guildford. A Tudor style house and a sign for Shere Post Office. Views of Shere village centre and its church. Traffic through the village. Sign for National Trust - Frensham Common. Cars along road past Frensham Pond and sailing dinghies on lake. Sign saying 'Bathing at your own risk'. Children are seen swimming and splashing in the lake. People sitting on a beach and more children in the water.

Intertitle: 'The famous clock at Abinger Hammer'. View of the clock with an automaton hammer man. A sign for Newlands Corner Hotel followed by open heathland with cars. An open valley and cars driving along roads and climbing a hill.

Intertitle: 'Guildford Cathedral towards completion'. Traffic and a pan to Guildford Cathedral on the hill with scaffolding on the tower. Various exterior views of the cathedral and details of the building [filmed at different times] followed by interior views of lancet windows, nave and aisles.

Intertitle: 'One year later - 1963'. Exterior views of the cathedral.

Intertitle: '1964. Interior views'. Windows with stained glass panels, aisles and altars, bosses in the vault. Views of the nave and side chapels and the Cathedral organ. Car driving up a hill. Model aircraft group members parked and getting their planes ready for flight. Lots of cars and spectators and participants. A man launches his model aircraft. More planes are readied and launched. A model aircraft flies in the sky. At Chobham airfield, visitors to the Air Show look at various aircraft on display. Small aircraft take off and fly in formation and also perform stunts. Three biplanes overhead followed by three parachutists descending. Spectators looking up, more planes in flight and parachutists. People queuing at a Mr Whippy ice-cream van. More aircraft fly pasts. Large formation of aircraft perform a fly-past and two biplanes fly-past with one upside down. More biplanes perform a low fly-past and perform stunts. A man and a woman on a biplane's wings flies past spectators.

Intertitle: 'VIPs at the Guildford Show'. Large numbers of cars parked on field and an usher on duty. Visitors walking through the showground and tents. An elderly couple look at a brochure for the Guildford Show. A horse is led out of its trailer. Lots of horses and riders get ready for the show jumping event. Rider and horse perform jumps. Various riders go around the circuit. Bored children play in an enclosed play area while spectators enjoy the show. Stand for Keith Luxford - Saddler [traded from 1961 to 1997]. Men in white coats parade their prize cattle. Men with frisky ponies parade in the showground. Men in white coats with pigs parade in the showground. Sheep pen with a winning rosette. Men with large bulls parade before judges. A coach belonging to the Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display Team and a line-up of motorcycles. Three nurses stand at the First Aid tent. A mobile bank is seen at the showground. Prize cups are seen on display and spectators sit in deckchairs listening to a military band playing under a tent. Three nurses are seen. Royal Horseguards parading as a small child dressed in Royal Household regalia is led about on a small pony. The Horseguards give a display and the film ends with more views of visitors at the show.