Title ID 13779Collection ID46
TitleCornish Nets
CollectionBarnes Brothers
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeWorking Life
KeywordsWorkers Sea Fishing
LocalPolperro Newlyn Mousehole
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBarnes Brothers
ProducerLloyd Barnes; Mervyn Barnes
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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A black and white titled documentary about Cornish fishermen.


Member of the Institute of Incorporated Amateur Cinematographers Limited. IAC.

Barnes Brothers present Cornish Nets:

Intertitle: 'Washed by the Atlantic breakers, the coast of Cornwall harbours a number of quaint little fishing villages where, for generations, the people have turned to the sea as a means of gaining a livelihood.' Scenes of waves crashing against rocks and fishermen at work and rest at many different coves and harbours.

Intertitle: The nets are collected and carefully placed in the boats which are awaiting the incoming tide.'

intertitle: 'In the evening light the boats set out across the sea to shoot their nets for plichards.' The following scenes of the boats heading out are filmed out at sea.

Intertitle: 'Having toiled all night, the boats return through the morning mist to land their catch.' Atmospheric scenes of the boats returning in a calm sea follow. In the morning mist the fishermen unload and sort their catch from the nets into baskets as the gulls circle above.

Intertitle: ' Wet and baterered by the night's fishing, the nets are repaired and hung to dry, in readiness to fulfil again their task of reaping a harvest from the sea.'

The End.


A black and white still image taken from TID 13779, showing a wide view of a shipping boat on the water surrounded by fog. The vessel bears the number P2.119 on her Starboard side toward the stern.
A black and white still image taken from TID 13779, showing a close up view of two fishermen aboard a boat hauling in fish. Both are stood in a loading area surrounded by a large number of mackerel from their catch. The two men are dressed in all weather waterproof clothing.
A black and white still image taken from TID 13779, showing a line of fishing nets suspended on a rope-line above the harbour wall, drying in the breeze.