Title ID 13778Collection ID46
TitleThe Gem of the Cornish Riviera
CollectionBarnes Brothers
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsCommunities Everyday Life Sea Fishing Quays
LocalSt. Ives
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBarnes Brothers
CameraW.Mervyn Barnes; Lloyd Barnes
DirectorW.Mervyn Barnes; Lloyd Barnes
EditorLloyd Barnes
WriterW.Mervyn Barnes; Lloyd Barnes
Format16mm Black & White Silent
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An amateur film with intertitles throughout depicting the fishing industry of St Ives. Specially commended by the Board of the Amateur Cine World.


Intertitle: 'Situated on the rugged west coast of the foot of Britain, lies a quaint little fishing town - - St Ives'. Harbour scenes follow.

Intertitle: 'Encircling the harbour is the Quay, with artists' studios and fishermens' quarters, looking across the blue waters of the Bay.' Harbour scenes and views of the narrow passageways with children waving, workers and people going about their daily business.

Intertitle: 'From this little port the fishing fleet of St Ives puts forth after pilchards, skate and mackerel, etc.' Images of fishermen at work in the bay follow.

Intertitle: 'From boat to cart the fish are taken along the quayside where they are cleaned and packed by skilful workers.' A horse and cart stands at the waterline as fishermen load their produce. A huge catch of fresh skate is unloaded from the cart and cut up into pieces on the quayside while customers gather. The mackerel catch is skilfully and swiftly gutted nearby.

Intertitle: 'Myriads of gulls are attracted by the waste fish.' Close-ups of the gulls and their feasting follows.

Intertitle: ' After the days catch one can see the fishermen hard at work mending their nets.'

Intertitle: ' The gulls are disturbed and are flying home to their eyries, a storm is brewing and in a few minutes the sea is hurling itself against the rugged rocks.' St Ives lifeboat is pulled by men along the quay and launched. The sea is filmed bashing against rocks.

Intertitle: 'Once more the sea is calm, and as the sun sets across the waters, the fishermen of St Ives continue their life's work providing food for the people of Britain.' A final view of sunlight on the sea closes the film.

The End.


A black and white still image taken from TID 13778, showing a wide landscape view of the fishing harbour at St Ives. Boats line the water in the foreground and houses stretch along the harbour wall in the background.
A black and white still image taken from TID 13778, showing a working horse tethered to a cart style trailer, stood on the beach in the harbour waiting for fishing boats to come in. The coastline with two sailing boats can be seen in the background behind the horse.
A close up black and white still image taken from TID 13778, showing a group of men hauling the St Ives Lifeboat on dry land to the shoreline. The men dressed in flat caps and day jackets, haul a rope thethered to the boat.