Title ID 13723Collection ID1
TitleChichester Harbour
DateJuly 2018
CollectionScreen Archive South East Productions
ThemeSeaside Leisure
KeywordsBoats Beaches Children Holidays
LocalItchenor Bosham
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionScreen Archive South East
EditorNicholas Clark
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Sound
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details.


A compilation of archive films from the early 1930s featuring various locations and activities around Chichester Harbour.


Titles: The film begins with girls diving from a platform into Chichester Harbour. The next shot shows girls diving from the dockside into the water. A boy is seen adjusting a dinghy's rigging and another dinghy is seen passing a large yacht at anchor in Chichester Harbour. A harbour official walks towards the camera after which we see a group of women holding up a dog for the camera and chatting. A woman gingerly gets into a rowboat after which we see a man in a small yacht sailing by. This is followed by three generations of a family onboard a yacht having tea. In another yacht we see three women, wearing cloche hats, dipping a ladle into the water and playing with a small girl, also wearing a cloche hat. The family are next seen playing on Chichester Harbour at low tide. Two of the men in the group play leapfrog in the water and leap over a small rowboat. A small girl wearing a bathing hat sits in a small tidal pool and is then seen playing with a man lying in the pool. We then get a view of Bosham from the water with several boats at their moorings.

Intertitle: Bosham Regatta. We see various small dinghies and yachts sailing on the water filmed from a rowboat.

Intertitle: Round & About Bosham. We see the dockside at Bosham and a man wearing a cap rowing towards the camera. Another rowboat takes a passenger to a moored dinghy which we then see sailing up and past the camera. Bosham church is seen in the distance followed by larger motorboats which approach and pass by. Several yachts are seen on the open water as another launch hoves into view.


A still image taken from TID 13723.  A compilation of films edited together by Screen Archive South East. This black and white still image shows two men in a small sailing boat with full sail unfurled, on a river. Two domestic houses can be seen on the bank behind them in the distance.