Title ID 1367Collection ID274
Title[Boys at Fan Court School - Pre 1939]
Date[ca. 1930s]
CollectionFan Court School
KeywordsChildren Education Schools Sport
LocalChertsey Esher
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration11 min. 10 sec.
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The pupils, teachers and parents of Fan Court Peparatory School for Boys in Chertsey are filmed at several outdoor events. These include a Sports Day, cricket matches, swimming lessons in the outdoor pool, and routine exercises.


A title reads: “Fan Court”. Teacher and boys at recreation time. Black and white scenes show visitors and boys at the school. A cricket match takes place and tea is served. At a sports day various events take place including the high jump, a hurdle race, the long jump and a running race. Returning to colour, the film shows a dog, cows and boys at the school in a gymnastic class. At a large swimming pool, swimming classes take place. Further cricket scenes are followed by scenes of gardens, visitors day and further school sports events.