Title ID 1322Collection ID250
TitleAt the Fire Service College Oct - Nov 1953: Emergency Fire Fighting Appliances and Equipment
DateOctober - November 1953
CollectionSurrey Fire Brigade
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsFire Services Motor Vehicles
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionThe Surrey Fire Brigade Film Unit
Commissioning bodyThe Home Office
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration6 min. 55 sec.
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This professionally made training film shows the fire fighting appliance, equipment and procedures being employed by the Surrey Fire Brigade at the Wotton Fire Service College. The silent film contains intertitles and was made by the Surrey Fire Brigade Film Unit for The Home Office.


The film opens with images of the modern motor vehicles which comprise Surrey Fire Brigade's Mobile Fire Column. The stationary vehicles include Radio Equipped Land Rovers, a Maintenance Van, a Communication Unit lorry, a Foam Tender lorry, a Canteen Van and a Dispatch Riders Motorcycle. The film proceeds to show some of the contemporary fire fighting technology being employed by the Brigade. Four firemen carry a Self Propelled Pump, whilst another balances two lightweight pipes on his shoulders. There are also images of a completed fibreglass tank and sections of an experimental concrete tank. Elsewhere one of the firemen models a mobile radio wireless which is strapped across his chest.

The film ends with a demonstration of a new pump, pipes and hoses which has been staged both for the film's viewers and for the official spectators who have gathered at Wotton House. The firemen pump water from a stream along half a mile of piping to the fibreglass tank. The water in the tank supplies ca. fifteen powerful hoses which are filmed shooting powerful jets of water high into the air.