Title ID 131Collection ID366
Title[News Review]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionEllis Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionReportage
KeywordsAircraft Animals Autumn Buildings Cars Castles Fire Services Horticulture Lakes Landscape Leisure Time Activities Memorials Monuments Motor Vehicles Parks Plants Racing Railways Royalty Sport
LocalWindsor Arundel Midhurst Runnymede Ramsgate Romney Marsh Farnborough Arlington Wannock Chelwood Gate Swanley Wisley Gardens
RegionalBerkshire West Sussex Surrey Kent Hampshire East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr Phil Ellis
CameraMr Phil Ellis
FormatColour Silent
Duration24min. 42sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A compilation of scenes from around the South East of England captured by a member of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers during the 1950s. The film shows a variety of events, people and places, including members of the Royal Family and the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, at his Sussex home. This silent film includes intertitles throughout.


Rolling titles: "Institute of Amateur Cinematographers, A Members Film" [IAC logo]; Title: "An Ellis Production".


The film opens with scenes of crowds of people gathered outside Windsor Castle, the grounds and surrounding views are seen, as well as guards on duty. People are seen exploring the gardens; a plane flies overhead. In Windsor town there are views of the river and bridge crossing it.

"The Duke Plays Polo"

Brief scenes of the Duke of Edinburgh preparing for a game of polo.

"Duke of Edinburgh v. Duke of Norfolk - Cricket At Arundel"

Large crowds of spectators watch a cricket match at Arundel. A BBC camera crew is present, recording the match; a stall sells hot dogs for 9d each.

"Forest Fire Near Midhurst"

Scenes of a forest fire and a fire engine parked on the side of a road. A sign reads: "The Runnymede Memorial"; scenes of people looking around the memorial; a solitary poppy wreath is propped against the memorial stone. A sign reads: "Ramsgate Model Village"; there are scenes of the model village and visitors walking through its streets looking at the model buildings. A sign reads: "Worlds Smallest Public Railway"; a miniature steam train passes the camera and approaches a station.

"Farnborough Air Display"

Scenes of the air show and people wandering around. Sign: "Blackburn and General Aircraft Limited, Beverley"; shots of a plane: "Blackburn Beverley"; people look around an indoor exhibition; planes taking off and landing on the runway. Scenes of flying displays overhead. Car window sticker: "Scramble"; scenes of a motorbike rally in a disused quarry, people are gathered around the edge of the circuit to watch.

"Old Crocks Race"

Vintage vehicles take part in a rally, people are gathered on the side of the road watch the vehicles pass.

"More Old Crocks"

Shot of a poster: "Eastbourne, Arlington Speedway International Stock Car Racing"; rally cars compete on the circuit at Arlington, dust is thrown up by the cars, obscuring some of the shots.

Titles: "Wannock" & "Miniature Village" Shots of the model houses and people looking at them in the grounds of the miniature village at Wannock.

Titles: "Beautiful Gardens" & "Leonardslee" Shots of the gardens, house, plants, trees and lake. A woman hides behind a plant.

"Our Prime Minister At Home"

Scenes of a gathering at Birch Grove, Chelwood Gate where Harold Macmillan can be seen in one of the shots talking to someone. The Prime Minister poses for photographs next to this man. Scenes of the grounds and people walking around outside holding umbrellas.

Shot of a leaflet: "Stuart Ogg, The Grove Nurseries, Swanley Kent"; shots of dahlias growing in a field. Trophies sit on a table. The words "Autumn Tints" are arranged on a log covered with autumnal leaves. The wording is covered by falling leaves. Shots of the countryside and two men in a boat fishing on a lake.

"Sheffield Park"

Shots of Sheffield Park house and grounds in the autumn.

"Wisley Gardens"

Shots if the house; people wearing summer dresses are looking around the gardens. "The End"