Title ID 1298Collection ID250
Title[Our Family Gang]
Date[ca. 1940s]
CollectionSurrey Fire Brigade
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsChildren Family Fire Services
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration4min. 58sec.
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A compilation of amateur material capturing scenes of family life. The film features a member of the Surrey Fire Brigade and his family, as well as other local events with possible connections to the Surrey Fire Brigade.


The film opens with shots of children playing in the snow, building a snowman and sledging. A man and a woman push a pram through a garden gate. Members of the fire brigade shoveling sand onto a pavement. Motorcycle rally; spectators are assembled on the verge. Brief shots of a racecourse and horse riders. A woman with a baby in a back garden; she rocks the pram. A man joins her and they pick fruit from a tree. [Break] Shots of the baby, the woman and a dog in the garden. A newly married couple stand outside a church, before getting into a car. [Break] The couple play with two toddlers in a back garden. Brief shots of a group of people on a boat. Shots of a family gathering in a garden and a couple standing next to a pond.