Title ID 127Collection ID366
Title[Local Scenes]
DateJune 1952 - March 1953
CollectionEllis Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Buildings Castles Children Family Games Horticulture Leisure Time Activities Mothers Motor Vehicles Play Rural Areas
LocalBrighton Windsor Sissinghurst
RegionalBrighton and Hove Berkshire Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr Phil Ellis
CameraMr Phil Ellis
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration10min. 23sec.
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A compilation of scenes portraying family life produced by an amateur film-maker. Members of the Ellis family and their friends feature in the film, which includes visits to local places of interest and scenes of everyday life. Although silent, the film includes intertitles throughout.


Opening titles: "An Ellis Production", "Gordon Starts the Ball" & "Rolling"; a man playing snooker hits the cue ball to start the game. The film cuts to scenes of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, snow lays on the ground in the Pavilion Gardens. Brief shots of sea and cliffs from inland, a poster reads: "Hawkers will Not be Allowed in this Hop Garden"; shots of a hop garden and bines growing up poles; piglets in a pen outside and an oast house. Swans in and around a mill leat next to which stands a water mill. Title: "Micky The Dicky"; a budgerigar is perched on the back of a wooden chair. Title: "Agnes Leaves for France"; shots of a young woman with her suitcase preparing to board a ship followed by brief shots of passengers assembled on the deck. Swans swim in a pond, women stand nearby feeding them. The women prepare a meal and set out a picnic. Title: "Life's Ups and Downs"; children play on a seesaw constructed from a carpenters trestle and a plank of wood; their mothers help them up and down. A group of people are seen standing next to some coaches; two young woman stand up in an open top car chatting to each other. The children seen earlier play cricket in a park; their mother is on hand to offer some assistance. Brief shot of a large white crucifix laid out on a hillside and cattle being herded along a country lane. Titles: "Bet Walker's" & "Baby"; shots of the baby wearing a long white dress. Title: "Betty Swinard's"; shots of a woman wearing a wedding dress leaving a house and getting into a car parked outside. Title: "Baby"; shots of a baby in a pram. Title: "Winsor" [sic]; military guards walk around the grounds as visitors explore the gardens. Shots of Windsor Castle. Title: "Skipping Exercise"; three adults skipping in a country lane with a long piece of rope. A young woman poses next to a car before joining others to play with a ball and a small bat. Shots of a large house and Sissinghurst Castle; a group of people sit in a line on a bench. The film ends with portraits of Queen Elizabeth II laid over a Union Jack flag.