Title ID 1254Collection ID382
TitleVibratory Soil Compaction Machines and Vibratory Concrete Paving Machines
Date[ca. 1960s]
CollectionWinget Ltd
ThemeWorking Life
KeywordsLabour Industry Motor Vehicles Racing Workers
RegionalMedway Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA-B Vibro-Verken Sirenafilm
CameraUlf Knöppel
DirectorPeter Winner
EditorIng. F. H. Uddenberg; Peter Winner
FormatBlack & White Sound
Duration20 min. 40 sec.
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A film with commentary which presents numerous compaction and pavements machines produced by the firm A-B Vibro-Verken. The machines are filmed in use on road, pavement and railway projects, with animated sequences being used to explain their operation and efficiency.


A new motorway is being built in a forest clearing. Various vibratory road rollers and soil compactors are being used, pulled by tractors or steered by hand over the ground. Elsewhere a hand-held rammer is in operation on a pavement. Railway workers use a Ballast vibrator to pack the ballast tightly under railway sleepers - a mobile generator provides electricity. A concrete plant supplies the material for one of the road projects. A Beam Testing Apparatus tests the strength of the concrete before a concrete spreader lays it. Various machines and workmen level off the concrete, ensuring the proper finish for the roads. The film ends with images taken from within a car as it travels along the completed roads.