Title ID 12535Collection ID1339
Title[East Grinstead Local Scenes; Remembrance Day]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
ThemeUrban Life Wartime and Military
LocalEast Grinstead
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionW.G Fudger [?]
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The first part is a short news item from the early 1910s showing general street scenes in East Grinstead, a parade and the East Grinstead Urban District Council Fire Brigade Sports. The second part, from 1922, shows the train station and the arrival of the North Somerset Yeomanry in the town with a parade of local regiments.


The film opens with shots of a parade in the town centre, followed by general street scenes; horse and carts and motor vehicles share the road.

"East Grinstead Urban District Council Fire Brigade Sports"

In a field a fireman is judged whilst he attends to a fire engine, crowds are gathered to watch. Fireman lay out hoses and attach a valve to a fire hydrant; the firemen use the hoses; water sprays into the air. Outside a large tend and in front of an audience, fireman receive awards.

"Arrival of North Somerset Yeomanry"

Two men stand at a railway station; passengers disembark from carriages; soldiers arrive at East Grinstead, riding on horse and carts. The second part of the clip shows scenes of soldiers/regiments attending a post-WWI Remembrance Day parade or the unveiling of the war memorial cross in East Grinstead just off the High Street.