Title ID 1253Collection ID382
TitleHigh Speed Thin Wall Polyethylene Extrusion
Date[ca. 1960s]
CollectionWinget Ltd
RegionalMedway Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA White Rose Film produced by The Yorkshire Film Co. Ltd.
Commissioning bodyWinget Ltd. in cooperation with British Insulated Gallender’s Cables Ltd. and Felton & Guilleaume Carlswerk A.G.
Format16mm Black & White Sound
Duration17min. 46sec.
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This promotional film with commentary features the High Speed Plastic Extrusion Line which incorporated unique Winget syncro annealing equipment. Shots of the working machine and its parts are accompanied by diagrams of how it worked. The film is an example of the development and research of Winget Syncro, in conjunction with the Syncro Machine Co., USA.


Titles: "Winget Syncro Limited" [logos], "Present a Film on", "High Speed Thin Wall Polyethylene Extrusion", "The rapidly increasing use of plastic insulation in the field of telephone cable manufacture and the tendency to thinner radial insulations has called for the development of plant specially adapted to the particular requirements of this industry. The equipment described in this field was installed in collaboration with General Engineering Co. (Radcliffe) Ltd, to investigate the performance and potentials of the most modern techniques available under manufacturing conditions. We gratefully acknowledge the co-operation and kind assistance of British Insulated Callender's Cables Ltd., and Felton & Guilleaume Carlswerk A.G."