Title ID 1243Collection ID148
TitleSchool Search
KeywordsChildren Schools
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDavid Sayell Paul Bradford Maurice Eamer
DirectorFiona Bowyer; Janet Busse
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration19min. 21sec.
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An amateur fictional film written and produced by the children of St. John's Presbyterian School, Edenbridge. Two children discover some gelignite on the village green outside the school. This is reported to their teacher who instructs the children to find it and pour water on it. The gelignite is eventually recovered by a policeman.


During the film, the Kent County Library Service van is seen parked up outside the school.

Contextual information

School Search (1964) was written and acted by pupils at St. John's Presbyterian School, Edenbridge. The headteacher at the time, Mr Acott, owned a cine camera and decided that the children should use it for creative work. The script was devised by some of the older children who were tasked with writing an adventure story in which there would be a walk-on part for every child at the school.

Pupils of the same school are seen again in another school film entitled:1066 (1966), alongside children from other schools reenacting the famous battle.

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