Title ID 12272Collection ID1611
Title[Buxted Farm; Seaside Outing]
CollectionFegans Childrens Charity
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsChildren Farming Charities Landscape Rural Areas Social Welfare Religious Activities
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFegans Children's Charity [?]
Format16mm Colour Silent
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An amateur film of Fegans Children's home and farm at Buxted.


The film opens with exterior shots of the Buxted home farm and its surroundings. Visitors Day follows with a ceremony in the garden. Young men are seen at work on the farm including feeding animals, harvesting, preparing the land, processing different crops and handling farm machinery.

An open-air Visitor's dinner follows. A young man's outfit is laid out on a sheet on the grass along with a bible. A young man leaves the house with suitcase in hand, the matron and boys waving him off. Many different activities follow including building a wall, feeding chicks, herding cattle, carving up tree trunks, spraying a field and ploughing with horse. Much of this work is supervised by men. Some close-ups of the young men follow.

The boys play on the beach and go boating on a lake.

Back at the farm work continues with the boys caring for the chickens, feeding straw into the baler, driving tractors and making silage.


A colour still image taken from TID 12272, showing a group of boys and Feagan's staff waving good-bye to one of the boys as he leaves the home. The group are gathered outside the entrance gate to the Buxted Farm Feagan's Home.