Title ID 12269Collection ID1611
Title[Sports; Old Boys Reunion 1949; Camp]
CollectionFegans Childrens Charity
KeywordsChildren Education Games Men Schools Sport Commemorative Events Camping
LocalStony Stratford
RegionalNorthamptonshire Buckinghamshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFegans Children's Charity [?]
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration11 min.
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An amateur film of a sporty Visitors Day at Fegans Children's Home at Stony Stratford along with an Old Boys Reunion, a camping trip to the seaside and a Commemorative Day event in 1949.


A close up still image taken from TID 12269, showing two boys aged around 13 years old dressed in fancy dress clothing in a field. The boy on the left is dressed as a clown in a white suit with red pom-pom buttons and a blonde fluffy wig, and the boy on the right  is dressed in a red and white shirt style riding jacket and bowler hat. Both boys have make up on their faces with drawn in moustaches and beards. The boys pose and make humorous faces for the camera.