Title ID 1206Collection ID140
Title[Pottery; wickerwork; Christmas party; farming]
CollectionJohn Brocklehurst
ThemeFamily life Rural Life Working Life
KeywordsAnimals Celebrations Children Farming Religious Festivals Rural Areas Schools Trades
LocalNaccolt Mersham Willesborough Sevington
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Brocklehurst
FormatStandard 8mm Black & White Silent
Duration11min. 36sec.
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A home movie featuring children from the Brocklehurst family as they take part in a Christmas party at the their school. The film also features scenes of rural life, such as a potter and basket-weavers at work and a farmer ploughing a field. The film ends with the children picking wild flowers near Mersham, Kent.


The film opens with shots of a potter working at a wheel in a pottery at Naccolt. The Brocklehurst children and their mother walk along Bower Road at Mersham. Shots of basket-makers weaving baskets. At Willesborough school young children are seen sitting at desks in a classroom, drinking from mugs and eating biscuits. Dark shots of a decorated Christmas tree; shots of the children dressed-up, receiving presents from Father Christmas.
[Break] On a farm at Sevington, the farmer harnesses a horse, ready to pull a block of wood. Shots of the farmer riding the horse around a field. The farmer uses a tractor to plough a field; close-up of the plough and furrow. Shots of sheep in a field. The film ends with shots of the children picking flowers and pussy willow on a railway cutting at Mersham; close-up shots of the children.