Title ID 1200Collection ID1335
TitleThe Dartford Flood
DateSeptember 1968
KeywordsFire Services Natural Disasters Urban Areas
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
FormatSuper 8mm Colour Silent
Duration3min. 32sec.
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A short film capturing the flooding of Dartford in 1968. Water inundates the town centre as well as outlying areas. The Fire Brigade pump out buildings and people are transported through the town centre in a rowing boat.


The film opens with a sign: "Road Flooded, 3ft Deep", blurred shots of flooded countryside follow. Three men walk along a road, it is flooded in the distance. Sign: "Flood". Further scenes of flooded fields and and a house with flood water surrounding it. A man stands on the doorstep of a bungalow and looks out at the water. A cow stands in a flooded field. Cars drive along a flooded road in Dartford town centre; people are transported in a rowing boat through the town. The Fire Brigade pump out buildings and people sweep out the water from offices in the town. Shots of a flooded Central Park precede more scenes from the town centre. The film ends with more shots of people being transported in a rowing boat.