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TitleThe Herne Bay Newsreel 1969 [1970]
CollectionJohn Clague
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionLocal Topical
ThemeSeaside Leisure
KeywordsBuilding Construction Fetes Religious Festivals Boats Carnivals Piers Sport Buildings Disabled Persons Exhibitions Parades Shops Urban Areas Workers Fancy dress Accidents
LocalHerne Bay
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Clague
CameraJohn Clague
SoundJohn Clague
ParticipantsMichael Ramsey (Archbishop)
Format16mm Colour Sound
Duration27 min. 13 sec.
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One of a series of newsreels featuring events in the town of Herne Bay in 1969 and 1970. The film includes coastal protection works, the Hospital Fete, the Archbishop of Canterbury at a Reculver ceremony, then in 1970 sailing, the Carnival, the destruction of the pier pavilion, a Fete, Road development, an exhibition and market, tennis, and shops.



Construction work on the sea defences is shown between the hundred steps and Bishopstone. Various vehicles and equipment are used to construct the grading of the bank. A group of children play near the site.

The Hospital Fete

Stalls and sideshows feature in this annual event held in the grounds of the hospital. The 1st Herne Bay Scouts band is seen. Local dignitaries give speeches and there is a coconut shy.

The Archbishop at Reculver Ceremony

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey is seen at Reculver Towers with a choir and dignitaries conducting a service. They walk pass the coast guard cottages.


The Chairman calls the tune

A military pipe band is seen parading along the seafront, near the clocktower, with crowds lining the street to watch. A float from Herne Bay is then shown with a man dressed as Henry VIII with an entourage, followed by horses, parading through a street in Canterbury.


Sailing dinghies are seen in the Bay possibly from Herne Bay Sailing Club.

The Carnival

The annual Carnival is shown with the dignitaries taking their seats by the bandstand and the procession led by a military pipe band. Carnival queens from local towns are shown together with local organisations including Borg Fabrics, dressed as characters from the Jungle Book, performers on unicycles, the Cabin Herne Bay Youth Centre and Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Cub.

The Pier

Construction work on the pier and pier pavilion is shown followed by the fire which destroyed the pier pavilion. Fire fighters attend the scene while crowds gather to watch. The fire is seen taking hold of the building and the fire fighters attempt to contain the flames. Finally only the gutted remains of the building are left.

At this point the film becomes silent

The film shows a fete, possibly in aid of 'Cripplecraft' (charity for children and adults with disabilities) at Strode Park. A young woman in a wheel chair is shown.

A demolition site is shown where a number of houses appear to have been taken down. In the next scene paintings are being exhibited for sale outside, close to the bandstand. Visitors view the work on show and chat to the artists or stall holders, many of whom are elderly. A sign declares that a General Market is held every Saturday. Scenes at the market show the public and stalls. Various people are filmed at the event including a man with a camera and a small monkey in a knitted suit. This is followed by women playing tennis, possibly at Herne Bay Tennis Club.

The next scene is of Herne Bay pier after the remains of the pavilion have been cleared away, with construction work ongoing. Next comes a view of L&K Rook store, at the junction of William Street and Mortimer Street. The store appears empty and has a 'Lease for Sale' sign outside. This is followed by building work on a new Tesco store at the junction of William Street and High Street. A large crane and scaffolding are shown.

The film then reverts to views of the pier before the fire showing the pavilion and the pier stretching out behind. Views from the pier looking back towards the promenade show the 'Classic' cinema building. Further views of the seafront, and the pier before the fire are followed by scenes of construction work on breakwaters close to The Ship inn, and a rainbow over the sea, by the Clock Tower and Pier.


A still from The Herne Bay Newsreel 1969 [1970]

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