Title ID 11836Collection ID1509
TitleHerne Bay Newsreel 1938
CollectionJohn Clague
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionLocal Topical
ThemeWartime And Military Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Boats Carnivals Entertainment Performing Arts Armed Forces Storms Weather
LocalHerne Bay Margate
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Clague
CameraJohn Clague
ParticipantsThe Cossacks display team; Prof. Bert Powsey; Captain Hill
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration16 min. 14 sec.
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Part a series of newsreels made by John Clague in Herne Bay. The film includes storm damage to Herne Bay and Margate, a horse display by 'The Cossacks', the West Cliff Regatta, diving by Prof. Bert Powsey, the Carnival, the Herne Bay Regatta, a bowls match, air raid precautions, the retirement of Captain Hill, a traffic accident, a capsized dinghy and winter sports.


13th February - Some shots showing the terrific damage done during the worst storm in years

The film shows the damage done during the storm. Rough seas are shown pounding the promenade. Also featured are the pier, clock tower and flooded streets.

West Beach - Many huts were completely wrecked

Scenes of destruction to the wooden beach huts at the Hampton end of the town and views of Hampton pier.

East Cliff - Here the worst damage was done and many concrete cabins ruined

Huge slabs of concrete torn up

Scenes of destruction to the concrete cabins and promenade.

Margate - Here the sea is even worse……

The film captures the sea in Margate harbour

….. Returning to Herne Bay

Scenes filmed whilst driving back to Herne Bay.

The Cossacks - A daring exhibition of horsemanship by this talented troupe

The Cossacks display team give a demonstration.

The West Cliff Regatta

A large crowd is seen enjoying a variety of water sports including rowing, sailing and swimming.

High Diving - A daring exhibition by Prof. Bert Powsey aged 73

Scenes of diving from the pier, from a ladder attached to the pier and escaping from a bag.

The Carnival

Floats representing many organisations are shown including Miss Herne Bay, Walls Ice Cream, George Fitt Motors, St. George’s Baths and Charlesworth Radio.

The Herne Bay Regatta

Crowds of spectators on the beach watching various water sports including rowing, sailing and swimming and walking the plank, followed by a fireworks display.

Bowls - The annual tournament held in ideal weather in August.

Bowls being played at Herne Bay Bowls Club

Keep fit classes

Groups performing exercises

Air Raid Precautions - A few shots taken during the crisis

Scenes of men digging trenches and newspaper placards declaring ‘Peace’, ‘Agreement – Official’ and ‘Mr Chamberlain’s great triumph’

Retirement of Captain Hill

'Holding the post of piermaster for many years - a familiar figure' Captain Hill is shown walking down the pier and posing for the camera.

A spot of bother

TITLE: East Kent Bus v private vehicle The aftermath of a collision between an East Kent bus and a car is shown.

TITLE: A further spot of bother TITLE: This time on the water when a sailing boat capsizes A swamped dinghy is shown being brought ashore

TITLE: Winter sports Two gentlemen, one wearing skis make their way through the winter snow

TITLE: Not St Moritz but Xmas in Herne Bay Children and adults enjoying the snow on toboggans and making their way about Herne Bay in the snow. The scene finishes with a brief view of the pier pavilion.