Title ID 11769Collection ID1503
TitleChristmas Story; Snip Snaps [2]
Date1952 [ca. mid 1950s]
CollectionPeter Mills
Genre/TypeAmateurHome MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsChildren Christmas Domestic Gardens Everyday Life Family Boats Gardening Landscape Seasons Spring
RegionalKent Suffolk Warwickshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPeter Mills
CameraPeter Mills
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration15 min 14 sec.
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This film is made up of short sections covering a family Christmas and various holidays. The online clip shows 'A Christmas Story'.


A Christmas Story

At the base of the card it reads: 'copyright 1952 PBM Productions' This film starts with a closeup shot of hands writing cards and wrapping presents. A tin clockwork toy bus travels across the floor and (using stop-motion animation) it jumps into its box and is wrapped up. The label is then marked 'To Richard'. The house is seen being decorated with holly and streamers; the iced Christmas cake has decorations added to the top. Then the guests, of various ages, start arriving. They are seen unwrapping presents. Wearing party hats they pose by the dinner table, laughing and smiling. The Christmas cards are seen on the mantlepiece

Snip Snaps

A view taken from a boat on the Norfolk Broads shows a house. Other views from the boat include the wake, a coot and other houses along the waters edge. A boat is seen going under a low bridge at Potters Higham. People are seen watching men working on a boat that appears to have been damaged and there is footage of another wooden boat.

Shots of summer flowers in a public garden are followed by scenes from winter showing trees covered in snow. Then daffodils are shown and blossom appearing on the trees. Spring scenes show Primroses in flower hidden amongst grasses. Scenes of young lambs with their mothers are followed by film of daffodils and magnolia flowers in gardens and bluebells in the woods (both in colour and black and white).

View across countryside are followed by views of buildings in Stratford upon Avon, including Anne Hathaway's cottage and a statue of Shakespeare in Bancroft Gardens.

A view of a dam with water cascading down one side is set in green fields and countryside. Two ladies are seen working in a garden mowing the lawn with greenhouses set behind. Views of countryside in the Autumn show the golden brown leaves.

A title screen ends the film with "Some more some other time, Cheerio"


Christmas Story; Snip Snaps [2] (1950s)