Title ID 11697Collection ID1509
TitleHerne Bay Newsreel 1958 & County Show (with sound)
CollectionJohn Clague
Genre/TypeAmateurNewsreelNon-fictionLocal Topical
ThemeRural Life Urban Life Seaside
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Carnivals Celebrations Communities Children Exhibitions Festivals Parades Seaside Resorts Fancy dress Boats
LocalHerne Bay, Maidstone
ProductionJohn Clague
CameraJohn Clague
ParticipantsLeslie Thomas
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Sound
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details.


This is one of a series of newsreels made by John Clague, featuring events in the town of Herne Bay in 1958. The film includes the winter snow, the Glenbervie Home 21st Anniversary, St. Bartholomew's annual church fete, the Herne Bay Sailing Club Firefly Festival, Beltinge Memorial Hall Fete, the carnival and the Kent County Agricultural Show held in Mote Park, Maidstone.


Intertitle: The Winter. The snow covered beach and town of Herne Bay in February 1958 is shown together with Herne Church, Hoath Wood Caravan Park and various scene of the countryside.

Intertitle: The Glenbervie Home Anniversary. Chairman for the day, Leslie Thomas, and his wife are seen at the Methodist Mission Home celebrating its 21st anniversary. The opening ceremony is performed by Mrs Thomas.

The film switches to colour at this point to show St, Bartholomew’s annual church fete featuring a variety of side shows.

Intertitle: The Herne Bay Sailing Club Firefly Festival 1958. The Firefly sailing dinghy festival held at Herne Bay Sailing Club, East Cliff is featured. Scenes include the launching of dinghies into a rough sea. Extensive action shots at sea are shown. J. Conway Jones wins the single handed race followed by Barry Smith, from Herne Bay Sailing Club, and R Wilson third. The crewed event the following day, held in calmer conditions, is won by Mr and Mrs Jones. Spectators and club officials enjoy refreshments and watch the event from the club's terrace. The event concludes with the prize giving by the commodore’s wife Pat Barratt.

Intertitle: Beltinge Memorial Hall Fete. The annual Beltinge Memorial Hall Fete held at Bough Beech, Reculver Lane is opened by Mr Mahler Thompson. A variety of stalls and side shows including 'Bowl for a Pig' are shown.

Intertitle: The Town Regatta. Scenes from the roof of the Bandstand showing the rowing regatta with the pier in the background. This is followed by a large crowd watching the beauty contest judged by Mrs Jack Rogers. Mrs Tugwood presents the prizes.

Intertitle: : Model Boats in the park. Another feature of the regatta takes place in the Memorial Park with a demonstration of radio controlled boats organised by Colonel Taplin from Birchington Model Boats Club. A variety of powered and sailing craft are seen in action on the water.

Intertitle: Cripplecraft Fete. The annual Cripplecraft Fete in Strode Park takes place with Anthony Harvey as the Master of Ceremonies. Side shows and a trampoline feature and also a fancy dress parade.

Intertitle: Carnival. Spectators line the streets to watch the Carnival which is led by Miss Herne Bay on the famous butterfly float. Many other local town floats follow including: Whitstable, Margate and Ramsgate. Described by the filmmaker as one of the best carnivals ever. Other floats include The Royal Marines, CWS Squashes, Hillborough Caravan Park, Royal Mail, and the R.N. Minewatch Service.

An evening scene of Herne Bay beach as the sun sets follows with the pier in the background and the lights of the clock tower.

End Title.

Intertitle: The County Show.
The Kent County Agricultural Show held in June in Mote Park, Maidstone is opened by Princess Alexandra (who arrives by helicopter). Lord and Lady Cornwallis accompany the Princess. Visitors mingle amongst the stalls and watch a range of activities including sheep shearing (featuring the champion sheep shearer of the county), equestrian events, foxhounds and demonstrations of craft skills. Suited men chat and smoke at the Vitovis stand and visitors crowd around stands and exhibits including: Tetts & Co, Faversham, G.B Arnold & Stricklands of Hastings and pass by a scale model of Calder Hall nuclear power station Windscale (now Sellafield). A large marquee signals the Rural Industries of Kent exhibits and scenes of a woman working a spinning wheel and blacksmiths at work follow. Lord and Lady Cornwallis are seen leaving the showground in their limousine, Lord Cornwallis waving as the car departs.

End title.


A colour still image taken from TID 11697, shows a farmer with his Longhorn calf on short rein, being shown to the judges at the Kent Agricultural Show. The farmer is dressed in a long white coat and the calf bears the number 63 on its collar. A group of spectators have gathered to watch behind a wooden fece, with the large white livestock marquee seen behind them in the background.