Title ID 11669Collection ID1509
TitleHerne Bay Pier. Prince Charles visit to Westgate in Canterbury
CollectionJohn Clague
Genre/TypeAmateurLocal TopicalNon-fiction
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsBeaches Bridges Cars Children Ceremonies Commemorative Events Domestic Gardens Family Local Government Natural Disasters Piers Rivers Buildings Royalty Seaside Resorts Seasons Religious Buildings Weather
LocalHerne Bay, Canterbury
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJohn Clague
CameraJohn Clague
ParticipantsHRH Prince Charles
Format16mm Colour Silent
Duration03 min. 33 sec.
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The day after a storm leaves Herne Bay pier badly damaged on 11th January 1978. A visit to Canterbury by Prince Charles on 9th November 1978. Home movie footage of a christening and scenes of a Clague family member's house and garden.


Film starts with views of the damaged Herne Bay pier and pavilion after a storm on the 11th-12th January 1978. The debris is shown along the sea front and beach. The middle part of the pier is now missing but the pavilion is still standing and the end of the pier is damaged but still intact. People are seen on the beach and the sea front viewing the aftermath of the storm. One man is seen attempting to sweep up and clear the pavement.

A band is seen assembling outside the Falstaff Tap pub in North Lane, Canterbury on 9th November 1978. Many spectators are seen waving Union Jack flags. All the dignitaries are assembling on the north side of the Westgate Towers for the arrival of HRH Prince Charles. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Donald Coggan and local MP David Crouch are seen here. After inspecting the Guard of Honour, provided by the 3rd Battalion of the Queen's Regiment, the Prince is seen making his way from North Lane greeting the crowds on the way. Four buglers are seen on top of Westgate Towers. The local dignitaries are then seen greeting Prince Charles before he walks through the Westgate gardens to open the Guildhall, formerly Holy Cross Church. it is here that Prince Charles was made Freeman of the City. Military bands are then seen marching from North Lane through the Towers and into the City. In Westgate Grove we see Ben Lee's antique shop on the corner and the other houses draped with Union Jack bunting and a banner to welcome Prince Charles. Prince Charles and dignitaries including the Mayor of Canterbury, Clarence Richard Peard are now seen walking from the Guildhall to Tower House in the Westgate Gardens. Prince Charles is seen leaving Tower House with the Mayor and making his way back to the Westgate Towers and then heading into the city.

A garden is seen being landscaped at the rear of a house in Westgate Grove, lived in by a member of the Clague family. There is a frosty scene in the front garden looking at the River Stour. Scenes show a Clague family Christening at a local Church. Scenes of the parents and the baby are seen close up. A wintry scene is shown in the rear garden of Westgate Grove, which overlooks into Linden Grove. The front of this house looking at the river, the Westgate Towers and the Guildhall are under a blanket of snow. The fast flowing River Stour after all the snow has melted. The workmen continue the landscaping work in the rear garden of the house in Westgate Grove during the Spring/Summer time. Again from the front of the house the Westgate Towers and Westgate Gardens are seen in full bloom. People walk through the gardens. The landscaping of the rear garden in Westgate Grove is seen near completion.