Title ID 11573Collection ID1519
TitleCanterbury 1937 Part 4
Date25th July 1937- 11th November 1937
CollectionSydney Bligh
Genre/TypeAmateurNewsreelNon-fictionLocal Topical
ThemeCommemoration Urban Life
KeywordsSwimming Celebrations Horticulture Ceremonies Performing Arts Pageants Carnivals Fetes Animals Fairgrounds Religious Activities Children Funerals Farming
LocalCanterbury Sheppey Whitstable Birchington
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionSydney Bligh
CameraSydney Bligh
ParticipantsMr Justice Luxmoore
Format16mm Colour Silent
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This is part 4 of a newsreel made by Sydney Bligh to show the key occasions, festivals and ceremonies in Canterbury and the surrounding area from July to November 1937.


A news reel compilation made by Sydney Bligh. This includes the opening of the King's School Baths, Tea on the Green Court, Messrs G Mount's Nursery in Forty Acres, Canterbury Cricket Festival events, fire at Sydney Bligh's workshop, Hospital Fete, Alford Aid Children day out, Hop Picking, Dean 'Dick' Sheppard's burial and Armistice Day.

Intertitle: 25th July 1937. The New King's School Baths Opened by Mr. Justice Luxmoore.

Intertitle: An Ideal Position to Watch the Diving for Plates.

Intertitle: 26th July 1937. Canon and Mrs. Shirley entertain 1000 Guests to Tea on the Green Court on King's School Speech Day.

Intertitle: An Unexpected Guest. (A bird lands on a guest's shoulder).

Intertitle: 25 July 1937. Messrs G. Mount & Son Opened their Nursery to the Public, for the New Hospital Building Fund. (This building is on the corner of Forty Acres Road and Whitstable Road).

Intertitle: Chrysanthemums.

Intertitle: In Some of the Glass Houses.

Intertitle: In the Melon and Cucumber Houses.

Intertitle: The Garden at 'Roselands'.

Intertitle: Canterbury Cricket Festival. (see 5th August)

Intertitle: 1st August 1937. Annual Drumhead Service on the Dane John.

Intertitle: 2nd August 1937. Follies Opening Chorus on the Dane John.

Intertitle: 4th August 1937. Choosing the Bathing Beauty Queen at the Baths.('Toddler's Cove". Whitehall area). Joyce Richardson the Winner.

Intertitle: 5th August 1937. Kent Batting on the St Lawrence Ground.

Intertitle: 5th August 1937. The Carnival Queen.

Intertitle: 25th August 1937. The Ruins after a Fire which Destroyed my Works and Store.

Intertitle: 25th August 1937. The Hospital Fete. Opening Ceremony by the Mayoress.

Intertitle: Congratulations to Major James upon his Recovery.

Intertitle: The Mayoress and Mrs Frank Wood enjoy the 'Fun of the Fair'.

Intertitle: Candeys Miniature Circus.

Intertitle: The Laughing Pony.

Intertitle: The Spinning Stage.

Intertitle: An Embarrassing Situation.

Intertitle: 'Chippy' Norton.

Intertitle: The Children's Carnival.

Intertitle: 29th August 1937. His Holiness the Orthodox Syrian Metropolitan of the Malabar at the Cathedral.

Intertitle:: 29th August 1937. The Mayor's Daughter Mary at Home, Her Dolls House and Dolls.

Intertitle: In the Sunset Glow. A Beautiful Shot Over Sheppey.

Intertitle: 1st September 1937. the Rotary Club of Canterbury give the Alford Aid Children an Outing to Birchington.

Intertitle: 6th September 1937. Hop Picking at Mr Whiteman's Garden Tyler Hill, Canterbury. The hop bines are seen growing in the filed. Women, young children and an old lady pick hops while smiling at the camera. A tallyman waits as the hops are poured into a large sack and carried off by a man.

Intertitle: Taking Hops to the Oast and One of the Drying Furnaces. Horse-drawn carts are loaded with sacks of hops. Arriving at the oast house the sacks are off-loaded and hauled up to the doorway using a horse-powered pully system. Charcoal can be seen burning in the oast house furnace. [This extract is available to view online]

Intertitle: 9th October 1937. Birthday Greetings to Prince Edward of Kent on his 2nd Birthday.

Intertitle: 4th November 1937. 'Dick' Sheppard comes Home. Impressive Scenes at Cathedral. Sheppard, an erstwhile Dean of Canterbury, is carried in his coffin into Canterbury Cathedral to be buried in the cloisters having had his funeral service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Intertitle: 11th November 1937. Armistice Day Scenes at Canterbury.

Intertitle: And So the Tide of Time Rolls on to Another Year. The End title.


A wide colour still image taken from TID 11573, showing a group of school aged children dressed in their working smocks picking hops off vines in a hop field. The group stand mid action, next to traditional baskets.