Title ID 1144Collection ID60
Title"Late Again"; Second Annual Garden Party; Filming “It Goes Like This”
Date1951; 1953
CollectionSevenoaks Cine Society
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubNon-fictionFictionAlbum/JournalDrama
ThemeCine Club Film-Making
KeywordsClubs Entertainment Film Making Leisure Time Activities Performing Arts
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionSevenoaks Cine Society
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration16 min. 10 sec.
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A compilation of three films relating the the Sevenoaks Cine Society.


"Late Again" In this short fictional film, a wife dreams that her husband buys her a coat as an apology for returning home late.

Second Annual Garden Party A gathering of the members of the Sevenoaks Cine Society and their families.

Filming “It Goes Like This” Footage of the filming of It Goes Like This (1953), one of the Society's fictional films. The filming takes place both indoors and outdoors, and captures the work of the various personnel involved in the making of the film. Screen Archive South East also houses the completed film It Goes Like This (1953).