Title ID 1140Collection ID60
TitleIt Goes Like This
CollectionSevenoaks Cine Society
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionComedy
KeywordsAccidents Children Companies Everyday Life Family Racing Social Class Shops
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionSevenoaks Cine Society
FormatColour Silent
Duration20 min.
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Amateur fiction comedy about an inventor, his work and his family's changing circumstances.


The inventor makes ends meet for his family by working in a grocery shop, but after a busy day in the store and an encounter with a careless window cleaner, he quits under the pressure. After talking it over in the pub with friends, they collect his family and their meagre savings and go to the races. With his winnings he is able to make his invention and tries, with little success, to sell it door do door. After a series rejections and misfortunes, a chance meeting with a businessman leads to a large order. He eventually builds and runs a factory for his invention. Now a successful man, with a chauffeur driven car, he spends a busy day at the office. But the hectic office and another encounter with the careless window cleaner, leads the inventor to quit, as the pressure again becomes too much. Back at the pub, his friends convince him again to head to the races. The film ends as his now wealthy family head off to the track again to gamble their savings.

Screen Archive South East film Late Again. Second Annual Garden Party. Filming “It Goes Like This” (1951; 1953) includes footage of the filming of It Goes Like This (1953).