Title ID 10808Collection ID1265
TitleBaby Scenes; Family Visit Newcastle
Date1941 -1942
CollectionJohn William Bell
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fiction
ThemeFamily Life Early Film In The South East Leisure
KeywordsFamily Mothers Everyday Life Bridges Women Hospitals Parks Trains Youth
LocalNorth Cheam Newcastle Durham York
RegionalSurrey Yorkshire Northumberland
ProductionJohn William Bell
CameraJohn William Bell
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
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An amateur film following family life after the birth of the family's baby named David in North Cheam, Surrey 1941/1942. The family introduce baby David to their relatives in Newcastle, travelling by train.


An amateur film that shows the birth of a baby in North Cheam Surrey in 1941. This film shows a family adjusting to family life in the first year. The film opens at 'Woodside Nursing Home' where David is born. David is then taken back to the family home in Sutton on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday the family leave the home with baby David for this Christening at Wesley Hall, Sutton where they are seen leaving the church shortly after. On the same day, the family venture on their first family outing in to Nonsuch Park, Sutton where they are seen strolling with their pram in front of Nonsuch House. The family are then filmed in their back garden. In May of 1941, the family go to visit relatives in Newcastle Upon Tyne where footage of: the railway station, the castle in Morning Knight, St. Nicholas' Cathedral, the Tyne Bridge, relatives coming down the road, Grandfather smoking in the garden and relatives holding David at the home are seen. The family drive to Jesmond Dene park in Newcastle, where we see them crossing the bridge and we see scenes of waterfalls. At Newcastle Train station the family return home and relatives wave them good bye. Durham and York are filmed through the window of the passing train as the sun sets over Durham Cathedral and Newark Bridge. On the 10th October, 1941, David's first tooth arrives where we see him sucking his thumb and playing with bottles. In January, 1942, David experiences his first snow where the family visit Nonsuch Park.