Title ID 10757Collection ID1474
TitleReflections on the Films [Jocelyn and Gillian Emberton oral history interview clip 5]
DateApril 2010
CollectionJocelyn and Gillian Emberton Oral History
Genre/TypeProfessionalScreen Archive South EastNon-fictionOral History
ThemeFamily Life
KeywordsChildren Everyday Life Family Film Making
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionScreen Archive South East
CameraCatherine Walsh; Elaine Sheppard
NarratorJocelyn Emberton-Underwood; Gillian Farwell (interviewees)
SoundCatherine Walsh; Elaine Sheppard (interviewers)
FormatColour Sound
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Jocelyn Emberton-Underwood and her sister Gillian Farwell talk about their childhood memories and their family home movies, in this oral history session filmed in 2010. The film combines interview footage with their home movies, filmed by their father Joseph Emberton, a prominent British architect in the 1930s.


In this extract from their oral history interview, Jocelyn Emberton-Underwood and Gillian Farwell, discuss their father's home movies. Their discussion touches on the experience of being filmed as they grew up; the editing of the films; their father's use of the latest technology and the significance of their family home movies to their own memories.


a still from 'Reflections on the Films' [Jocelyn and Gillian Emberton oral history interview clip 5]