Title ID 1069Collection ID677
TitleSummer Garden
Date[ca. 1937]
CollectionF P Barnitt
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life Rural Life
KeywordsDomestic Gardens Family Gardening Leisure Time Activities Old Age Sport Swimming
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionF. P. Barnitt
CameraF. P. Barnitt
ParticipantsMr Barnitt; Mrs Barnitt
FormatColour Silent
Duration10 min. 30 sec.
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An amateur film shot in Dufaycolor which records the domestic garden of an affluent middle-class family in the height of summer.


Pink rose bushes, hyacinths and carnations pepper this beautifully maintained English garden. Waterlillies encroach upon the small pond, and a sundial keeps track of the passing hours. The film-maker's elderly father is filmed at work in the garden. He cuts back the long grass with a scythe, mows the lawn and starts to dig a large hole, taking a drink of water from the garden water supply whilst taking a break. Meanwhile the film-maker's mother waters the flowerbeds. General views of the garden are followed by images of a mixed doubles tennis match taking place on the adjoining grass court. The adults are later joined by children in the garden's outdoor swimming pool. The film ends with shots of the setting sun.

Dufaycolor was an early film system that employed a matrix of red, green and blue to produce colour on film.