Title ID 1052Collection ID262
TitleAll Go Margate
CollectionKent Publicity Films
Genre/TypeProfessionalFilm/Video companyNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeSeaside Urban Life
KeywordsBeaches Boats Holidays Leisure Time Activities Religious Buildings Seaside Resorts Tourism
LocalIsle of Thanet Margate Cliftonville Westgate-on-sea Westbrook Birchington Canterbury Sandwich Calais
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionChess Valley Films
CameraRonald E. Haddock
DirectorRonald E. Haddock
ProducerChess Valley Films.
Commissioning bodyMargate Corporation Publicity Department
NarratorMichael Aspel
ParticipantsMichael Aspel
Other credits(Production Manager) Heather M. Davies
Format16mm Colour Sound
Duration11 min. 30 sec.
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Television personality Michael Aspel introduces this publicity film entitled 'All Go Margate', promoting Margate as a 'favourite family resort'.


The opening titles and music set the fast pace of the film, showing glimpses of some of the attractions to follow. Michael Aspel reads out letters from viewers, introducing a variety of entertainment and holiday activities. Beginning on the child-friendly Marine Sands beach, crowded with sunbathers in deckchairs and children playing; activities include trampolining, donkey rides and building sandcastles. Children paddle and play in the sea with rubber rings and lilos and watch a Punch and Judy show. The resort's five beaches are shown: Cliftonville, Westbrook, St Mildred’s Bay and West Bay in Westgate-on-Sea. Views of the town’s many gardens in bloom. Back at the beach the film promotes Margate’s sunny climate by focusing on bikini-clad, sunburnt sunbathers. The town's cabaret scene is highlighted with dancers and entertainers such as Alan Randall (a George Formby impersonator) and Mike & Bernie Winters. Other forms of entertainment include a wrestling match, the town’s mini-zoo and safari park, and the Powell-Cotton Museum in Birchington. More family friendly activities follow: watching dolphins performing tricks and a visit to the shell grotto. Sporting activities are highlighted with yachting, swimming, tennis, bowls, golf and waterskiing; Michael Aspel plays crazy golf. Anglers fish from the pier. Nightlife focuses on dancers at a cabaret bar and dancing in the Cavern at the Lido. Shots of people enjoying the rides and amusements at Dreamland amusement park. Daytrips to places nearby such as Canterbury cathedral, Dover castle and Sandwich. There are a brief shots of a model village, a trip on an open-topped bus, a trip on a speedboat and a more leisurely-paced trip around the coast on pleasure boat. Passengers board the 'HoverLloyd' hovercraft for a daytrip to Calais (from Ramsgate). There is a brief shot of the Viking ship, Hugin. Diners enjoy food and wine in a restaurant. The film concludes with a reprise of some of the images shown, and Michael Aspel walking away from the camera with a young woman on each arm.


A still from All Go Margate (1970)A still from All Go Margate (1970)A still from All Go Margate (1970)

Contextual information

The fast, colourful style of this film is very much in-keeping with the visual culture and fashion of the time (1970). The use of a television personality and references to the ‘viewer at home’ reflect the increasing influence of television. It is interesting to compare this film with Magical Margate (ca. 1925) to see how different eras promote the same resort.

Screen Archive South East has many other films relating to tourism and/or the promotion and publicity of seaside resorts. Magical Margate (ca. 1925) is the earliest example in the collection. A Holiday to Jump At (1954), At the Sign of the Ram and Gate (1957) and Ramsgate ... A Picture to Remember (ca. 1971) are examples of publicity films commissioned by local councils. Sands of Time (1949) is also a locally commissioned publicity film and uses a fictional narrative to introduce the sights and attractions of Hastings. Made by a local amateur film-maker, Brighton (1957) is a colourful portrait of a seaside resort.

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