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TitleA Holiday to Jump At
CollectionKent Publicity Films
KeywordsBeaches Boats Carnivals Dance Interiors Leisure Time Activities Seaside Resorts
LocalRamsgate Cliffs End
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRamsgate Publicity Committee (?)
ProducerRamsgate Publicity Committee (?)
NarratorMcDonald Hobley
ParticipantsJane Ravenhill
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A publicity film promoting family-friendly holidays in Ramsgate. The film is narrated by star of children’s radio and television McDonald Hobley ‘Uncle Mac’.


The film begins with general views of the beach and cliffs seen from the pier. Children paddle in the sea, and people sunbathe on the sands. Children play on the swings, roundabouts and rides at the playground. Two of the town’s main attractions are highlighted: the model village on the west cliff, with its miniature Tudor houses, and the Danish Viking ship, Hugin, at Cliff’s End overlooking Pegwell Bay. A crowded pleasure steamer and smaller boat arrive in the harbour. Anglers fish from the West Pier. At the Marina Bathing Pool a beauty contest takes place; women parade in front of the judges in one- and two-piece bathing costumes, and a man dressed as a woman pushes another man into the pool. A high-angle view of the pool shows its high diving boards. Brief shots of the Madeira waterfall and Madeira Walk.

A group of young women (the Aqua Lovelies) descend the steps of Winterstoke Chine onto the Eastern Sands. At the water’s edge, two women get into a pedalo. A group of young women, in swimming costumes, play with beach balls on the beach. Scenes of yachts taking part in a regatta in Pegwell Bay. Highlights of Ramsgate’s water carnival in the harbour include hydroplane racing, decorated floats, and the attendance of Royal Navy vessels. A close-up of one of the floats with people on board dressed in naval uniform, and as Nelson and Britannia. Back on land, racing cars, sports cars and saloons take part in RAC speed trials.

On the St Lawrence cliffs above are the bowling greens, a miniature golf course and putting green. At Ramsgate Airport people board a plane. Greyhound racing at the Dumpton Park track. A high-angle view of young couples jazz/swing dancing in a dance-hall. In another hall, older couples enjoy old-time/ballroom dancing. Various shots of Ramsgate’s Carnival Capers procession with people in fancy dress, drum majorettes and men dressed as babies. Children on floats wave to crowds lining the streets. An elaborate butterfly float passes in front of the Bingo Hall. A close-up of the Beauty Queen’s (Miss Jane Ravenhill) float, followed by a float bearing the Aqua Lovelies and Ramsgate’s motif, the Ram (with bucket and spade in its mouth) and Gate. Other floats include a paddle steamer and train. The ‘Ramsgate Festival of Light’ is advertised on the back of another float. A firework display in Ellington Park is followed by several shots of the illuminations on the seafront at night, many of which are animated. Finally the viewer is advised that more information may be obtained from the Information Bureau in Ramsgate.


A Still from 'A Holiday to Jump At' (1954) showing the film titleA Still from 'A Holiday to Jump At' (1954) A Still from 'A Holiday to Jump At' (1954)

Contextual information

A publicity film promoting Ramsgate as a popular holiday destination. The family-friendliness of the resort is emphasized by using a popular children’s presenter to narrate the film. The style stands in contrast to the fictional narrative form of At the Sign of the Ram and Gate (1957) made several years later to promote the town. The versatility of the resort is the film’s main selling point, describing Ramsgate as a place to go simply to relax or to enjoy exciting entertainment. No production credits appear on the film, it is most likely to have been commissioned by the local council’s publicity committee. The town’s Ram and Gate motif designed by Edward Lander appears several times during the course of the film.

Screen Archive South East has many other films relating to tourism and/or the promotion and publicity of seaside resorts. Magical Margate (ca. 1925) is the earliest example in the collection. At the Sign of the Ram and Gate (1957), All Go Margate (1970) and Ramsgate ... A Picture to Remember (ca. 1971) are examples of publicity films commissioned by local councils. Sands of Time (1949) is also a locally commissioned publicity film and uses a fictional narrative to introduce the sights and attractions of Hastings. Made by a local amateur film-maker, Brighton (1957) is a colourful portrait of a seaside resort.

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