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Title[Hop Farm Visit]
Date[ca. 1945]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeRural Life Transport Working Life
KeywordsFarming Cars Gypsies Workers Steam Locomotives Rural Areas Food Ethnic Groups Children Motor Vehicles Bridges
LocalTenbury Wells
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCharles Bernard Henning
CameraCharles Bernard Henning
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A portrait, in colour and black and white, of a brewery business visit to a hop farm, including rural scenes of workers, and Gypsy women and children. The film closes with colour views of workers harvesting the crop.


The film begins in black and white with views of the men assembling with cars and coaches outside the 'Abbey Hotel' and at the hop farm, with views of a steam train passing in the background. Shots follow of the men sampling beer and workers unloading sacks from a horse-drawn cart into a warehouse. Gypsy women and children are shown with their traditional caravans, with the children later playing in a garden and on a swing. Moving to colour, many of the previous farm-based scenes are duplicated and extended. This includes a shot of the train returning, with the addition of a large group portrait, and shots of men leaving 'The Swan Hotel at Tenbury Wells', in Worcestershire. Several scenes of women and children harvesting the crop closes the film.


A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)A still from [Hop Farm Visit] (ca.1945)

Contextual information

This may possibly be the Swindon Wiltshire Brewery for which CB Henning was the liquidating accountant in 1949.

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