Title ID 10056Collection ID924
TitleFarnham Walkabout or Farnham Layabouts
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFiction
ThemeUrban Life
KeywordsCastles Houses Interiors Leisure Time Activities Local Government Music Religious Buildings Roads
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionH.E.A.P. 'Hedgehogs'
CameraJohn Ball; George Fisher
Writerscript by Maurice Hewins
SoundMaurice Hewins
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration16 min. 34sec.
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A humorous dramatised tour of the sights and hotspots of Farnham in Surrey. The film enacts comedy scenes at Farnham's castle, St. Andrew's church, the town centre and river bank, the bowling green, and the Marlborough Head pub. A muffled comedy commentary accompanies the film.


A film depicting a comic take on an American tourist visiting the Castle and St Andrew's Church, where he is relieved of some cash. He witnesses a protest and a parade through the town. A man in a false beard accosts a woman in the street and a couple go to the river bank for some canoodling. Prefab housing built in 1945 and designed to last 10 years is seen having just been repainted. An old farmhouse scene offers a comic portrayal of a 'poor stockbroker and his wife' showing her collecting logs for a fire. The cast pretend to have a bowling match on a muddy field. Betting takes place as if for a donkey race. The bright neon lights of Farnham precede scenes at Farnham's night-spots, including the film-maker's meeting place, the Marlborough Head pub. Inside the pub people drink and dance and musicians play.


a still from Farnham Walkabout or Farnham Layabouts (1959)a still from Farnham Walkabout or Farnham Layabouts (1959)