Title ID 10023Collection ID1435
Title[Woodlands; Challock Home]
Date[ca. 1934]
CollectionNorman Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily Life Fashion
KeywordsCars Children Clothing Domestic Gardens Family Games Houses Interiors Landscape Leisure Time Activities Plants Play Rural Areas Social Class Women Fashion
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEric Norman
CameraEric Norman
ParticipantsNorman Family
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration12min 40sec
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This black and white film opens with a family on a walk in woodland filled with bluebells, accompanied by their cat and dogs. An interior tour of a 1930s family home, includes a room by room view of their ornaments and decor. The family are then seen relaxing together for afternoon tea in the garden.


This film opens with a view of a sport type 1930s Rolls-Royce (YY 5112) on a driveway, as a well dressed woman and man arriving.

A woman (with a walking stick) and young boy are seen walking into woodland with their dogs and into the surrounding countryside (Challock, Kent). The cat follows them through the garden and into the woodland. Close up views show bluebells and woodland trees as the family wander about and the boy plays with the dogs. The family then return home, with wide views of their house and garden laid to lawn.

A car is shown pulling into the driveway of a house, a woman lets a young boy and two dogs out of the car. The boy stands posing for the camera.

Inside the house, the 1930s interior decor is revealed, with views of several rooms. The house has large furniture, statues, mirrors and a brick fireplace with a mantle clock. Paintings and ornaments fill the rooms. A large chest reveals a plate collection and there is a group of Toby jugs on the top shelf. In the bedroom, a barometer set, flanked by female figures, sits on the night-stand. Paintings and ornate plates decorate the walls.

In the games room, a woman sits in a chair, a dresser is filled with ornaments and a billiards table fills the room. The woman opens a dresser to take out a pair of oriental figures and shows then to the camera, she then picks up a decorated bowl with male figures on the rim and shows it to the camera (out of focus). A display cabinet contains porcelain figures. The film then cuts to a man with round glasses playing a game of billiards, while a young boy watches. A wide rimmed vase with goat head and horn detail on the handles, and large landscape motif in the centre, stands on the floor in the middle of the room. A lady turns the vase to reveal the ivy detailing on the back. Further views show ornate silverware on a table.

The film then shows the woman and the boy in a car (ALO 464) being parked in the driveway. There are views of the family's home taken from an upstairs window as the woman walks about in the garden. A man rides a child's bike wearing an oversized hat. A small boy rides a scooter and then the bike at speed in the garden. The man and boy are filmed jumping over a tennis net and playing in the garden.

In the garden a woman cuts rose heads from a rose bush, and a family group sit in the garden for afternoon tea. A boy does a little dance for the camera (?), followed by views of the garden taken from the gate, marked 'Woodlands'. An elderly man sits in a garden chair as the rest of the family have afternoon tea in the garden. A woman uses sugar tongs to sweeten tea served in fine bone china.


[Woodlands; Challock Home]  (ca.1934)[Woodlands; Challock Home]  (ca.1934)[Woodlands; Challock Home]  (ca.1934)[Woodlands; Challock Home]  (ca.1934)