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Films in the Albany Cine Club Collection span five decades, dating from the 1920s to the 1990s. Many of the films in the collection are sketch-based offering a comedic take on domestic relationships and working life.

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TitleAlbany Cine Club
Dates1960s - 1990s
ProductionAlbany Cine Club
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Several personal collections make up Screen Archive South East’s Albany Cine Club Collection. Previously called Albany Productions Film Unit, the club, active between around 1951 and 1995, was based in Southwick. Chairmen included Sid Mitchell and Eddie Ovenden, who has since been a member of Mid Sussex Camcorder Club and has donated over 50 films, produced during his time as a member of Albany Cine Club, to Screen Archive South East. Films in the Albany Cine Club Collection span all five decades of the club’s collaborative practice.

Many of the films in the collection are sketch-based, offering a comedic take on domestic relationships and working life. A man invites his friends round for cards and drinks when his wife has gone out in '…And the Mice will Play' (1977), another escapes out of his marital bedroom without his trousers to return to the pub in 'Where There’s a Will There’s a Way' (1976). Club members participated in Albany Trophy Inter-Club Film Competitions, presented by Haywards Heath Cine and Video Society, and Short Film Team Contests. For this reason, some items are made up of several short sketches with a single theme; such as ‘Business as Usual’, ‘The Hotel Room’, or ‘Help’.

Complex and dark narratives weave through many of the films: a palmist predicts the demise of a customer in 'Hands' (1966), a studious bookworm traps his tormentor in an impossible duel in 'The Bully and the Bookworm' (1990). Others still take local towns as their subject, such as 'Sunday Morning' (1976), which follows a group of cine club members as they tour Brighton between 7am and midday (time for a pint), or 'Shoreham Unlocked '(1993), filmed at Shoreham Harbour and airport.

The earliest film in the collection produced by Albany Cine Club members, then named Albany Productions Film Unit, is 'Local News' (1951), which includes footage of members at work and footage of Brighton, Shoreham, Hove and Southwick during events held in the year of the Festival of Britain. Earlier films belonging to club member Gilbert Denman, produced in the 1930s before the club was formed, are also part of the archive collection. Denman is named as a cameraman for 'Youth in Danger' (1950s), a morality tale for the youth of Southwick who get into trouble on their nights out in Brighton; the youth club is more fun than you think, there is tea and cake and records playing.

Further Albany Cine Club members included:
Dave Carstairs, Chris Green, Harry Greenwell, Robina Greenyer. Ronald Paxton, Geoff Wackford, Vernon Williams, Trevor Wimble and Mavis Wixler.
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