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A collection of films showing members of the Hobson family during the 1930s, often swimming or playing sports, or enjoying their regular sailing activities on the water near Chichester.

Collection ID9Reference codeWS 960813
TitleHobson family
Dates1930 - 1939
ProductionHobson family
MaterialsFilm 16mm


A collection of family films showing members of Frances Hobson's family during the 1930s. In the films, the family, including Dr F.G. Hobson, his wife Audrey, their daughters Frances and Elvira and son Quentin. Along with cousins and other family members, they spend their leisure time in sailing dinghies, diving and swimming at Birdham Mill in Chichester Harbour, or taking part in various sporting activities. School games, holidays and outings also feature in this charming 1930s family portrait. Dr Hobson appears briefly in some of the films, sporting a moustache and striped swimsuit when at the water's edge. The children show their competent sailing skills out on the water at Birdham.

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