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A collection of films made by Lewis Rosenberg in the 1930s and 1950s, capturing surfing holidays, communist youth summer schools and trips abroad along with film of the Battle of Cable Street.

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TitleRosenberg Films
Dates1930s and 1950s
ProductionLewis Rosenberg (father of depositor)
MaterialsFILM 9.5mm
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Lewis Rosenberg was born in London in 1906. His parents were working class Polish Jewish immigrants who settled in London’s East End and he was the youngest of six children. He was in his twenties when he bought his first cine camera and, despite a lack of formal training, took it with him when he went on holiday with his friends. Every week they each saved 2 shillings and were thus able to afford annual camping holidays in the years running up to the Second World War. They camped in home made tents, mostly in Cornwall and Guernsey. They also made their own surf-boards and, consequently, surfing features in many of Rosenberg’s films. He also made a waterproof housing for his camera enabling him to capture some unique shots showing the surfer’s point of view. Rosenberg and his friends also attended a Communist summer school and camp in Swanage along with holidays organised by Socialist and Communist youth groups which attracted large numbers of supporters amongst the Jewish community in London's East End. The collection also features a trip to Catalonia, Northern France and film captured at the Battle of Cable Street in the 1930s.

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