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The Dickins Family collection contains 48 family films made by four family members between 1946 and 2004.

Collection ID816Reference codeS 060110
TitleDickins Family
Dates1946 - 2008
ProductionFilms made by father-in-law A.E. Chinnery, John Dickins and father Ernest C. T. Dickins. Tracey Dickins (daughter)
MaterialsFILM 9.5mm Standard 8mm VIDEO Digital
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The Dickins Family collection contains 48 family films made between 1946 and 2004. In addition to footage of home life, the collection covers various local events such as sports days and fetes, as well as day trips, camping holidays and family trips abroad. Footage of historical events, such as the celebrations marking the Coronation of Elizabeth II [Home Life, School Sports, Day Trips and Holidays (1946-1949)], are found amongst personal moments such as family weddings. Therefore, as well as providing an insight into the private life of the family, the collection also records important community occasions and social rituals.

One of the most interesting features of this collection is that it contains footage made by four different family members. John Dickins’ father Ernest, shot the early material and John himself took up recording family life on film from the 1960s. In addition the collection includes films by John’s father-in-law Ted Chinnery as well as John’s daughter, Tracy.
The films catalogued here currently only include Ernest and John Dickins' films.

Films in this collection:

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Showing 1 to 15 of 18 results.