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This collection of 29 films by Francis Henry Newman and family, includes family activities, local scenes and Church activities from Otford in the 1930s. There are also holidays and a tour around India in the 1940s and 1950s. The collection also includes a film of VE Day, filmed by an American in London in 1945.

Collection ID714Reference codeK 050428
TitleNewman Family
Dates1933 - 1957
ProductionFrancis Henry Newman and Alice Margaret Clark (nee Newman)
MaterialsDOCUMENTATION FILM 9.5mm 16mm Photographic Prints/Neg Books
Access statusCopyright and access restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This collection by Francis Henry Newman includes: film of family gatherings at home and outings to the beach at Westgate; holidays to Cornwall and a journey to India; activities at home including playing the piano and games in the garden; and several Otford Methodist Church Sunday School events such as Christmas carols, jumble sales and outings to the seaside.

Born 1896, Newman served as a medical orderly with the Friends Ambulance Unit at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Dunkirk during the First World War where alongside nursing duties he was also involved in technical support working early x-ray equipment.  He trained at The College of the Pharmaceutical Society winning a silver medal for chemistry and from 1921 worked as a pharmacist at University College Hospital London retiring in 1956 as chief pharmacist. During the Second World War he ran the hospital’s photographic unit inventing equipment for use in pharmacy.  He was also involved in early penicillin extraction, the development of warfarin and of special burns creams for munition workers and air crews.  A man of many interests, he was Sunday School Superintendent for the Otford Methodist Church, had his own photographic lab at home. He gave illustrated lectures using glass slides and hosted cine-film shows to local organisations.

Films in this collection:

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Showing 16 to 28 of 28 results.