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The Bognor Regis Film Society was one of the country's pioneering amateur film societies; producing films in 1930s Bognor, featuring local news stories and everyday life, along with selected fiction films noted for their excellent camera work.

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The Bognor Regis Film Society (BRFS) was co-founded by Harry Guermonprez in 1935, with its first meeting being held on the High Street in Cleeves Chemist. Throughout the 1930s the BRFS produced several 'local topical' newsreels and dramas which were exhibited at Bognor venues, including the 2000-seater Theatre Royal. Their films serve as important records of amateur film-making, and of everyday life and special events in pre-Second World War Bognor Regis.

The BRFS became one of the country's pioneering film societies, producing films with excellent camera work. The BRFS showed an eagerness to experiment with technical innovations, notably sound and colour. Consequently, the Society was often mentioned in the pre-war film journal "Home Movies & Home Talkies", and their films were critiqued and occasionally awarded prizes by "Amateur Cine World" magazine.

Further documentation relating to the Bognor Regis Film Society can be found at the West Sussex Record Office.

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