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Enid Briggs filmed scenes in Broadstairs in the 1920s and 1930s many featuring events in the town and scenes of traditional seaside pursuits in the resort.

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TitleEnid Briggs pt1
Dates1920s - 1930s
ProductionEnid Briggs
MaterialsFilm 16mm Documentation Books
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Enid Briggs filmed scenes in Broadstairs in the 1920s and 1930s. These films are of particular interest because they come from the rare perspective of a woman film-maker from that period, and also because they provide a considered and well-executed depiction of local events, places and scenes.

Enid Semple Briggs was born to a wealthy family in Leeds in 1898, moving to Broadstairs in 1929 with her mother and sister Phyllis. Their home, 'North Foreland House' (credited as NFH in some of her film titles) was situated on the cliff top in Broadstairs. It was there that she took up the expensive hobby of film-making.

Enid Briggs filmed on 16mm, capturing scenes of Broadstairs. Her films featured her own family activities and outings as well as local events such as the Broadstairs Water Gala, Armistice day, and the return of soldiers from Germany in 1929. Many of her films also focused on scenes of traditional seaside pursuits at the resort.

Alongside amateur film-making, Enid Briggs devoted her time from the late 1930s to the 1960s to running a working horse and donkey sanctuary called 'The Ranch'. She died in 1973. Her surviving films are now held in the Screen Archive South East collection.

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